3W High Power Bike Flashlight Spotlight Torch-2

  • Model No.:FPC-B3
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Other Type:Front Light
  • Type:LEDs

Key Features

3W Bike ligh / LED Flashlight

3W Bike light generates high brightness focused, prefectly for NIGHT biking/activities.
Compact, elegant outlook & detachable from bike fixture turn the bike light to a handy flashlight
Efficient power consumption and stress modes function make it also suitable to outdoor activities,
home & automobile maintenance and all kind of usages.

Bike light or elegant handy flashlight
Either for camping, outdoor activities, building and automobile maintenance, black out days, stress signaling

Key Specifications:
1. Lumens: Max. 100
2. Projection: up to 100 meters
3. Optical system: focusing lens
4. Full metal housing: Water resistance
5. Life span: 50,000 hours at 320mA
6. Power supply: built-in NP-60, 1200mA (Rechargeable)
7. Battery lasting: 3.3~15 hours or 40hrs at SOS mode
8. Dimension(mm):105x44x29