Digital fixed camera CCTV system Night Vision Surveillance Video Recorder

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    with time lapse function

    Key Features

    Digital Night Vision Time Lapse Camera (Model: FPC-20NV)
    Night Vision Surveillance Video Recorder while in Continuous Video/Voice recoding mode.
    Handy, High Sensitivity Sensor for Day and Night
    View in 3 minutes from 30 days of night and day recording,
    clear and vivid image, no need for professional clips; easy capture

    1.With Infrared LED for night view without any light
    2.Can select any time interval recording between 0~10 minutes.
    3.File protection function protects last files firmly in sudden power off or Heat plug for SD card
    4.DC 12-24V/DC 5V 500mA power cord for longer time recording.
    5.The video has「Timestamp」,「ID Code」,and upside-down recording functions.
    6.Recorded videos can be played in regular computer to see time-lapse video without install any special software.
    7.Use SD/SDHC card as storage device from 4GB to 32G of any famous brand.
    8.Small, lightweight, easily mounts in almost any place for home surveillance.
    9.Use special video compression technology with low distortion and high compression ratio
    10.User-Friendly application software allows users to setup according to their application
    11.It starts new file every 10 min. in continuous recoding mode to make files management easy.
    12.Adjustable high-sensitivity microphone with “sound-recording” and “mute- recording” function.
    13.SD card format function can conveniently clean SD files and format fast.
    14.Two record mode: MPEG4 and MJPEG with wide fps selection
    15.With extra power bank, it becomes portable Time Lapse camera or Mobile surveillance device.
    16.Application software can transfer any Image from video to a Single picture for writing reports.

    1)SENSOR:VGA pixels SCCD image sensor
    2)Sensitivity:0.5V /Lux-sec.
    3)Min Illumination:0.9V/Lux-sec (good image record in dark)
    4)Sensor:3 M VGA pixels SCCD image sensor
    5)Frames per second:
    From 1fps to 30fpsVGA, optional
    (MPEG4 can be set from 15frames/sec. to 30frames/sec.)
    (MJPEG can be set from 1frame/sec. to 15frames/sec.)
    7)Focusing Fix.: 0.2M~inifinity (20cm to infinity), auto exposure and white balance compensation
    9)White balance:Auto
    10)IR LED:850nm
    11)Effective distance:6M (Close room)
    12)Movie image:AVI format(MPEG4/MJPEG)
    13)Still image:JPG format
    14)Storage:SD Card, Max. to SDHC32G 
    15)DC power:DC 5V 500mA
    16)Operation temp:-10℃ to 60℃
    17)Storage temp:-20℃ to 65℃
    18)Dimension:11.7x5.7x2.6cm ( L x W x T)
    19)Computer OS:XP/Vista /Windows 7