LED Long Distance Spotlight Is A Powerful Search Torch

  • Model No.:FPC-T15
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Search Torch Can Last 5000 Hours


  • Use:Miner's Safety Lamp
  • Height(cm):10
  • Weight(kg):2
  • Length(cm):60
  • Width(cm):20
  • Height(cm):10
  • Weight(kg):2
  • Length(cm):60
  • Width(cm):20

Key Features


LED Search Torch

15W High Lumen LED Focal Zoom (3.2X) Flashlight Spotlight Torch


1.      Widely used in mountain accidents, sea disasters, firefighting where natural disasters happen.

2.      For environment with no light, large-area darkness.

3.      Handy and Light weight Search Torch.

4.      Search Torch can be used as signal lamp.

5.      Search Torch could discover contraband hidden in the cave or illegal immigrants.

6.      Patrol large area like Orchard, Farmland, Plants, Mines.


Best choice for Searching and rescue, Patrol and security, Safari, Ranch guard, Vessel security, Coast guard, Army and police’s equipment. Its long time LED lighting with illumination distance of more than 1,640 feet will be a best protection for people to ask for SOS help during wilderness survival situation. It definitely has key advantages over its competitors.

Product Features 

Superior endurance power (Zoom: 3.2X)

Illumination distance: more than 1,640 feet

6 hours lighting time per charge

5000 hours stand by storage time 

Equivalence target brightness and focal Zoom lens design

Embedded non-explosion Li-polymer battery: Rechargeable—life cycle 500 times

Reach IP 67 dust-proof and waterproof standard

Totally protected against dust and the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m

Anodize harden procedure on the surface, scraped resistance

Tenacious strap for mountain climbers and wildness explorers

Aluminum box package, provide excellent storage safety




Out put Electricity Power

10W/3.5W/2W Adjustable   15W Enhance

Flux lumen

Low 175 Lm  Middle 350 Lm  High 500 Lm  Enhance 750 Lm

Run time

Low 23.5 h    Middle 10.0 h   High 5.0 h   Enhance 2.8h

Color temperature

6000-6500 K

Diameter of lens


Diameter of body


Beam diameter

0.75-2.4 Mzoom





Type of battery

3.7V 12AH Li-Polymer

Battery life

5 hours/ 10W, 15 hours/ 3.5W, 25 hours/2W

Input voltage

110-240 V

Charging voltage



Operating the Search Torch is very simple:

Push the power button still for 2 sec to turn on the flashlight. Press the power button and change mode I cyclic fashion- max, medium, low and blinking. Push the ENHANCE button still to reach the supper brightness. Push the power button still for 2sec to turn off the flashlight. Recharge the battery follow the sketch as belowWhen the red light on means under charging, the green light shows recharge accomplishRecharge time-consuming 4.5 hours.

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