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NEW 2014 Portable 2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Bank, AA Charger, Power Bank, iPhone Charger, Mobile Phone Charger, GPS Charger-2

  • Model No.:FPC-B22000
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Warranty period 6 months


  • Type:Electric
  • Use:Mobile Phone,Tablet

Key Features

REAL 2,2000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack _ most reliable High-Capacity battery bank.
*A ODM factory for Japan Company which is the biggest Energizer Distributor.
*It is sold at US$248/unit in JP which is a very hot-selling product.
*It fully meets JP professional battery distributor’s high quality standard.
*Its performance, safety and durability make it popular to high-end users.
*Elegant outlook & Convenient operation results in continuous hot selling!.
Who needs it.
1.Need charge Notebook PC、Tablet PC、Smart Phone…Safely and Durably.
2.For outdoor users, unstable electricity environment、electricity shortage area.
3.Natural disasters、Rescue Activities、Military、Night market sellers
Outdoor adventurers and so on… as a mini UPS for important devices
Product Specification 
Product name: 22000mAh Rechargeable Battery 
Model number:FPC-B22000
Battery:Lithium-ion polymer
Capacity :22,000 mAh (3.7V)
Output:USB 5V (2.1A), 12V (2A), 19V (3.5A)
Charging method:The included AC adapter
Charging time:About 4-5 hours (3 devices together) 
Protection circuit Overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, short
Number of charge cycles about 300 to 500 times
Available temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃
Size 226mm × 90mm × 25.7mm (battery body)
Weight 580g (battery body)
Warranty period 6 months from the purchase
Package Contents
1)Battery main body, special charger 
2)cable • 19V • 19V conversion chip (six) 
3)2V cable • 12V conversion chip (three) 
4)USB cable • USB conversion chip (three) 
5)instruction manual (certificate)